Abi Simmons   

Hope Anxiety Despair

Hope, Anxiety, Despair is a series of three posters that wish to draw attention to the refugee crisis. By translating the crisis into three stages of feeling, I interpret how refugees feel when they are resettling. So far authorities have offered no sustainable solution to the refugee crisis. Therefore, these three emotions will continue as a cycle till the situation is addressed properly.


The posters focus on Nauru, an island off Australia where migrants who had travelled to Australia by boat were sent from 2001 to 2019. People accused on no crime were kept here in indefinite detention. 2000 files were leaked from Nauru revealing incidents of assault, sexual abuse, self- harm attempts, child abuse and disgusting living conditions, endured by the asylum seekers. No one now remains on the island. The victims however were never settled in Australia, they were sent to various countries across the world. Where I’m sure they face more austerity.

My posters wish to communicate that shipping people from place to place is not a sustainable solution. The victims, incarcerated for years, have no justice. It is a failure in government and in the mindset of people to deem asylum seekers as separate to ourselves.And yet knowing Nauru, Australia and the world continues to do so. This issue must be faced sustainably. To do this you must start at the root. These people are running from wars. We must stop the Arms Trade. 

Abi Simmons,  Illustration BA, 2 nd year