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Abi Winter

Let's Talk About Paper Flowers

What if flowers could last forever, well, they can! Unlike fresh cut flowers, which only last a couple of weeks at best, paper flowers can last years.

If kept correctly, paper flowers can last forever, which is unbeleaf-able! Better still, they require very little maintenance. It’s so easy, its the opposite to what freshly cut flowers require, no sun, no water! Keep paper flowers directly out of sunlight, as overtime the light will damage the paper, specifically the colour, and cause the colours to fade. The only small requirement needed is a little shake from time to time to relieve of any dust!


Whatever the season, your favourite flowers will be available at any time! Not to worry if it’s not sunflower season, paper flowers can be crafted any time of the year, to the highest standard.


We all know what spring brings, that’s right you guessed it, daffodils, yes, but also the dreaded allergies. You may even be a flower lover like me but they leaf you with a slight itch. Well, another big advantage is that allergies won’t be a thing to worry about with paper flowers, as pollen is not included.

Paper flowers are also pet-friendly!

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