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Aliz Kovacs-Zoldi

Classic Plastic

Classic Plastic draws on the aesthetics of Dutch still life and vanitas paintings and their underlying idea of memento mori. Highlighting the brevity of life and the food we consume in contrast to the permanence of the packaging we leave behind. Classic Plastic attempt not just to raise awareness about the issue but to offer way to resolve it.


The single-use plastics that come from pointless food packaging pervade our environment. Although most items have their own natural “packaging” such as a banana or an orange, they nevertheless wrapped in a peace of plastic which is not recyclable, reusable or biodegradable.

The amount of plastic that is left to go to a landfill after a small grocery shopping is overwhelming.


The possible alternatives such as the unpacked option or shopping on a farmers market whilst using cloth bags, baskets, nets and not forgetting out shopping bags at home are one little step we can take towards healing our planet.

2nd year Photography BA

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