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Beatriz Marques Santos

Don't play with food!

'Don’t play with food!' is a work which addresses food production, food security, access to food and food pollution by micro-plastics. At a formal level, it is composed of food cast into resin cubes. 

The food cubes that look like gelatine are a critique on food waste and how, we as a society deal with food, and our relationship with it, I’m hoping to open up a much wider debate in general. 

All the food used in my artwork was going to be thrown away before I collected it. Reusing this food and transforming it into art is intended to show how important food is in general by preserving it in a pristine state, while the use of resin is also a parallel to modern day unsustainable food practices, for example, the overzealous use of plastic packaging or the prevalence of microplastics in our diet.  

BA Fine Art 2nd Year

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