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Beatriz Silva


Climate Change has been a debating topic for many years. Nothing is more important to us on Earth than the Sun as NASA states in their document “A MEETING WITH THE UNIVERSE”. Research has shown that artists can use their art to speak with the general public in a much more simple language that the public will understand and comprehend plus get emotionally involved with, that is one of the most important parts, the public needs to care about these things emotionally not just intellectually.

This research aims to show how an enormous variety of people have been trying to shine light on this topic throughout the years, Climate Change has been a topic that has been around for quite some time now and still in 2020 humanity is still trying to save our world but as results are showing the whole on the Ozone layer is decreasing.

Ordo script

(They/them pronouns are used so the character maintain the genderless aspect) (Earth’s glass box is the physical representation of the Ozone Layer)

The animation starts with an overview of Aquarii Nebula where we can see Sun and Earth plus other planets (with this we can understand that we are in space)

Then we will have a cut to Earth where we can see that they are crying, we will then have a zoom where we can see the texture on Earth’s skin and then an even bigger zoom where we can se trees burning in their skin.

-Fast uncles up

Suddenly there will be a cut to the Sun focusing on its face with an intrigued/worried face expression, they get up and goes straight to see what’s going on with Earth.

When the Sun gets there they knock on the glass box to get Earth’s attention, Earth looks up and then Sun gives a small wave followed by a warm smile.

Trying to cheer up Earth, Sun decides to show their power and what they can do with fire, with this Earth gets super amazed and decides to also show their power.

Them there will be a small montage of Earth and Sun having fun together and creating a special bond.

One day they decide to touch hands trough the glass. By touching the box Sun notices that they are creating a hole on the glass box, they get surprised but with the thought of being able to be together with Earth the Sun keeps going.

The hole on the box starts getting bigger and bigger and eventually the box gets destroyed.

The Sun gets super exited and take Earth’s hand and they fly together but mid air the Sun notices that it’s touch is burning Earth,s leafs, so the Sun immediately brings Earth down.

Very sorry for hurting the one they love the Sun decides it’s better if they leave so that’s exactly what they do, leaving Earth alone and sad.

Days go by and without their box and Sun’s light and warmth Earth starts dying and losing their leafs. One day Earth is so weak that they eventually pass out.

Change to Earth’s point of view

Earth starts opening their eyes to see Sun, trying to bring their box back but despite Sun’s attempts they fail so they start crying thinking they killed the one they loved.

Seeing the Sun Earths gets up quickly, happy by seeing them, so Earth smiles and the Sun relieved that Earth is still alive also smiles and gives a small wave while still in tears.

Touched by Sun’s affection towards them, Earth uses all of what’s left of their strength and tries to bring her box back and they are successful because only Earth could cure themselves.

Now again with a box in between them the Sun and the Earth are happy, because even though they can’t touch earth other they are still together.

BA Illustration 3rd Year

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