Bruno Dias Coelho

Paradisum: a Pugna, per Viam, in Scopum (Paradise: a Fight, a Purpose and a Goal)

The ambition of this project is to create awareness of mental health, and support every person who sufferers from bullying as I did.  It shows them that death is not the only option in a world of pain and loneliness, where talking with others and self expression will help them get closer to their paradise, their happiness, take ownership of their lives and see that what they suffered made them stronger.


Showing a personal path from bullying to the freedom of the self. Strong macramé techniques and laser cutting mixed with bulky and detailed silhouettes in an explosion of color that make you travel to the most hidden corners of your mind. 


PARDISUM, explores the fragmentation of the self in order to achieve the perfect balance between body and mind, seeing the “Promise Land” as the ultimate goal. A project that will make you feel stronger to fight for your own freedom, for your own perfect world, for yourself.

Through fashion I found my way of expressing myself, so every detail of my project has meaning. Oversized silhouettes represent the shell we create around ourselves for protection; macramé - being trapped on your own mind; laser cutting mirror pieces show the self; and the drape - the desire for freedom and happiness.  The colours also bring a little touch to the project - blue signifies the mystery behind the project, yellow the desire of happiness once again, black the darkness, and red the self-love we  create for ourselves.

Bruno Dias Coelho, Fashion Design BA, 3rd year

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