Caitlin Barnes

Eyes Wide Open

​The work consists of wheatgrass seeds growing from the sculpture. It speaks of soil, which has been polluted and a potential dystopian future towards growing plant life.

This work addresses desperation caused by the current ecological crisis the planet faces, the sculpture is a vessel for a message, a type of modern-day letter in a bottle. 


As the wheatgrass grows, the word becomes more distorted, until unreadable and ambiguous, the viewer is faced with the dilemma that  the only way to read the message the artwork is giving them, is to cut the grass; this action is the same action that we as humans are facing right now, it has taken years and years of building on land, destruction of nature, pollution, disregard for our planet, that until that grass is cut away, the message cannot be seen, it’s the actions of realising when it’s already too late.

Caitlin Barnes, Fine Art BA, 3rd year