Edina Horvathova


The work of photographic nature concludes a journey of simple influence. Everyday life, the road I take to uni every day. Each day there was a different item found on the road that had been left there by someone who didn't even care or did that on purpose.


This narrative is metaphorically reflected in that journey representing our journey and our approach to environmental change. The red lines created by a sewing machine representing a mechanical approach the media have on influencing people and pushing them into changing their life-stiles rapidly, almost in an industrial factory kind of way, in order to achieve a better future and save us from extinction.


The fact that the line never crosses or cancels out the image of the item left behind represents the idea of how we are desperately trying to get rid of the waste we have already produced and have already left behind not taking into consideration that endless and infinite recycling is not a solution to the problem we are facing.


The influences coming from different platforms like social media or media itself are trying to convince the individual that they are wrong for buying a non sustainable item and making them rid of anything plastic they can be judged on, not taking into consideration that there is a much larger force that needs to step back from the capitalistic heaven behind just that one individual who dared to buy a plastic take-away cup from Starbucks. 

Edina Horvathova, Fine Art BA, 3rd year