Emily Bowers

Ocean Ghosts

Ocean Ghosts guides us through effects of ghost fishing in a narrative way, helping us learn about the species affected by this destructive issue whilst inspiring us with ways we can help. 

I learnt about ghost fishing in Cornwall last summer and wanted to create a response to raise awareness. The effects of ghost fishing still do not seem to be common knowledge. Whenever I would show people the drafts of this book, people would say that they had never heard of the issue. But with it making up almost 50% of the plastic in our oceans, it is something that needs to be brought to our attention. 

We are up against the clock when it comes to the sustainability of our oceans. Aside from the fact that they are getting dangerously warm, too acidic and there are micro plastics floating everywhere; species facing extinction due to industrial overfishing (a problem that goes hand in hand with ghost fishing gear). It threatens to push the ecosystem out of balance, threatening all life on this planet. 

In this book, I tried to balance the tone to provide some positivity and to send the message that this need not be a lost battle if we start to do something now. 

This dummy book contains four final artworks as well as digital roughs.

Emily Bowers, Children's Book Illustration MA

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