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Ewa Pandera



I want to propose a project that would combine the environment with consumerism. My idea is to invite nature back into our lives to give back the space that we no longer need like High Street vacant shops and reclaiming this space for nature. My prints and ceramics would fill the given space with an outgrowth foliage that by entering the space, the viewer won’t become a part of the composition, the viewer will be watching from a distance, by removing human factor and allowing the vegetation take over in that way we can live in symbiosis with nature. The prints will create a 3-dimensional outgrowing given space in a way taking it over.

In the face of Corona virus outbreak nature has opportunity to reclaim position and has a chance to recover.

My work is a mixture of prints and ceramics. Prints are lino-cuts of maple leaves onto the roll of paper (size about: H: 250 cm by 50 cm) and tracing paper (size about: 250cm by 20 cm). Ceramics are an imprint of maple leaves in various sizes. 

The prints on paper are fragile, but the material is flexible so it can be easily recycled. The ceramic leaves randomly lay around on the floor like when you walk in the park. Ceramic is strong, but rigid material that is subjected to the process that has not changed since the dawn of history and the outcome can last for centuries.

Ewa Pandera, Fine Art MA

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