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Ewa Pandera


My practice revolves around a visual process using drawings, prints, ceramics and video to communicate a personal response to the surrounding environment. Throughout the experimentation with materials and tools as well as contextual research I am attempting to excavate profound meaning of nature in everyday life.


The body of work I produce are the large-scale installations to represent the vegetation that existed in this place before humanity and will take it over after we disappear.  I am beholding the methods of social and environmental transformation from relics of our civilisation to the restoration of wildlife. To propagandize for protection of abandoned buildings form expansion and progress in direction to let natural processes of transition take place.

At a time when the human population is growing at an alarming rate the forest area is decreasing even faster. I am trying to imagine the reverse circumstances, the world without the human, where the forest is taking over what is left behind. And tell the story of humankind through the forest and its uncanny environment that scare and challenge but also comfort us. 

This drawing is an endeavour to re-establish the organic, untouched forests that I experience throughout my adolescence, into the urban environment. The forest with its all implications that human being attached to it throughout the centuries. By use of pencil and rubber in a slow progression I recreate the motion of greenery that reclaims the man-made abandoned places. In my work I am using heavy layers of graphite building up the forest landscape and then by use of rubber, through the reduction method I am adding the light and shadows to create the depth. And by repeating this procedure time and time again in uncontrolled ways every time something new appears and something old disappears.

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