Felicitas Thun Hohenstein

Plastic Pollution: a Threat to Marine Life

These posters show different types of plastic pollution and its catastrophic affects on our oceans. Sea turtles are especially at risk, as they suffer a 50% chance of mortality as soon as they have ingested only a few pieces of plastic. The conservation of turtles is very important and crucial to the oceans, as they and their feeding habits can help mitigate climate change.

I chose this topic because the protection of marine animals, particularly turtles, is close to my heart and since a few years now I have been active in supporting several turtle conservation organisations. Additionally, for the past 6 months I have been reading many books about living plastic free and tried (and am still trying) to reduce my own plastic consumptions.

With these posters I aim to inform people through facts about what is really happening to our oceans every day and how plastic pollution is affecting living organisms, as well as influencing climate change.

Felicitas Thun Hohenstein, Illustration BA, 2nd year

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