Justyna Panak

Do You Really Need This Stuff?

The triptych poster series focuses on textile industry. The textile industry has a major impact on the environment. It's production and consumption are the cause of releasing 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gasses as well as using 80 m3 of water and producing 92 million tonnes of waste per year- a huge part of that waste is the clothing consumers throw away.


Those numbers are the results of how fast fashion industry and consumerism work, with just one fast fashion brand releasing from 12 up to 24 new collections per year and constant incentive to buy new clothing items with each collection, fueling into already rampant consumerism of our times.


That is why buying and donating to second hand stores is so important: because it not only gives the clothing items new life and saves them from the landfill but also reduces demand for textile production. The manufacturing company already made the profit and none of the money from reselling the items goes to them- and the majority of second hand stores in UK are charity shops. Second hand clothes are truly ethical and affordable in the age of fast fashion.

Justyna Panak, Illustration BA, 2nd year