Katalin Petschner Peto

Breaking the Habits

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (1). It is a broad discipline which draws on politics, economics, philosophy and other social sciences (2), but it also means all the small steps we take in everyday life, for example recycling, saving water,... 


With this in my mind I aimed to create a work of art that is the closest to sustainability the way I see it. In my opinion the world we live in is fragile and already broken without our awareness, like it was made of glass. As a representation of this world, I glued together small pieces of broken safety glass. I did so, because I think that, however, the way we operate cannot be maintained any longer, we cannot throw away what we already possess. We need to build our future upon the existing foundation we have. Furthermore, we need drastic changes. Thus, I added pebbles and lichens to this foundation as symbols of changing destructive habits and rebuilding harmony. I titled my works “Unfinished” because I think this task will be never accomplished. My project is a metaphor of a never ending work which sustainability requires.

Katalin Petschner Peto, Fine Art MA