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Kate Green

Cut from the same cloth

CUT FROM THE SAME CLOTH - side view.jpg

Based on feminists and decolonial ideas which see humans as part of nature, this work addresses community living by exploring similarities and differences between individuals through material, form and colour. 

Part of the tension that this work addresses is the idea that human individuals share biological fabric and cognitive capacities whilst at the same time, each individual will retain its uniqueness. The struggle between individual fulfilment of their potentials and the community fulfilment of its own potential come out of my lived experience as a mother of a young family, living through the pandemic, in which a big reset of community values was experienced by children and adults alike. 


In this work, I want to incorporate playfulness of colour, contrasting with the seriousness of black, echoing the shapes of seeds, plants or even the visualisation of the COVID virus itself, to address, in visual terms, my understanding of the push and pull and give and receive between individuals to find a common ground and healthy communities in which everyone can flourish.

MA Fine Art

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