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It’s not ok!

How to…Behave on Public Transport

It's Not Ok!


Katy and Kath have created a series of two pamphlets responding to the themes of sexual assault and harassment, silence, listening and consent. 


How to Behave on Public Transport, is designed to create awareness around commonplace sexual assault and harassment on public transport, particularly on the London Underground. Initially looking like an etiquette guide, it folds out to reveal a full-page image stating an additional often neglected common sense rule – do not sexually assault someone. That the pamphlet has to be unfolded to reveal this image alludes to the silence that often surrounds these incidents. 


How to Hear the Sound of Consent, is designed to educate on the multifaceted nature and the specifics of acquiring consent. By creating a pamphlet that is interactive, the viewer is forced, through action, to slow down and think about some of the particularities of what it means to actively ask for and receive consent.


By raising awareness of these issues, they hope to open dialogue and explore ways to create more sustainable communities as well as gender equality. 


The pamphlets are the same format as London Underground tube maps and the intention is to place these in London Underground tube map holders and on public transport vehicles. They utilise culture-jamming strategies, in their methods of distribution and in the use of London Underground iconography. They also draw on the style of feminist zines, with production values that are low cost, favour the handmade and allow for ease of reproduction. 

These pamphlets are also being used as a device to communicate the ‘Speak Up’ survey, an online survey set up to anonymously collect experiences of sexual assault, sexual harassment and sexism in public where victims felt unable to speak up at the time, the results of which will be used to inform a further artwork. Please visit Speak Up Survey if you would like to contribute, using the link below.

Katy Drake, Printmaking MA

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Katherine Van Uytrecht, Printmaking MA