Kim Raymont

Be the Change

The short and long term consequences of climate change are addressed in this piece, which considers the issue of sustainability simultaneously from a parents and child’s points of view. Using a series of drawings made in a local nature reserve, the trees are a visual metaphor for our children: earth jurisprudence transferred. They are rooted, but they reach for the sky.


They change imperceptibly- they grow. The loss of biodiversity and changes to the weather patterns are alluded to in both the images, with the illustrations made quickly as though we don’t really want to look too closely at the dwindling green space, the effects of our actions on the world; and in the words, the very real repercussions of poor air quality and a rise in flooding, drought and rising sea levels.


The text within the book is printed over the drawings of the nature reserve- a destructive mark on the landscape mirrored by the institutional, official stamp of man made letterforms over organic growth. The only possibility of a sustainable future lies with our children; as the system influences the individual so must the individual influence the system. Education leading to knowing, thinking, and acting differently is finally symbolised in the fact this piece takes the form of a book: children may be the change.

Kim Raymont, Illustration and Book Art MA

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