Kira Barnard


This work addresses isolation, displacement and issues related to climate change, both visually and metaphorically. The image shows a single armchair left outdoors, which without other point of reference raises questions about rubbish theories and ideas around abandonment, as objects become obsolete or redundant and are devalued and discarded. The image can be read as a metaphor for human lives, as in capitalist societies people who are not ‘useful’ to the system are also devalued and socially discarded.

Equally, the positioning of the armchair speaks of the sea frontier encroaching on towns and cities, turning human civilisation into derelict habitats, eroded by sea level rise, where every vantage point will be the view of the sea. The armchair, displaced and without cover, speaks of loneliness and vulnerability, but it is also a warning, as in matters of climate, social and ecological breakdown, there is a need to work together.  'If any of us are to survive, to flourish, even to attempt to lead a good life, it will be a life lived with others.’ (Judith Buttler)

Kira Barnard, Fine Art BA, 3rd year