Leia Ankers

The Same as You



Cordelia is blind in one eye with limited site in her other eye, deaf and has cerebral palsy. Cordelia's ability to move anywhere herself and connect with others is important to her, if she is interested, she uses self-initiative to wheel herself in her wheelchair to where she wants. 


Cordelia's independence is easiest achieved in water as she can move alone without the support of her wheelchair or carers. Cordelia admires the sensory experience of water being poured onto her hands and intensely watches it full between her fingers. The hydro pool is Cordelia place of freedom, it portrays her personality and allows her to be seen how she wants to be.



I met Michelle through a friend of my mother's. Michelle's family member kindly gave me consent for Michelle to be a part of the project, for which I spent around 6 months with her. Music is one of Michelle's favourite things as her hearing is how Michelle interacts and experiences things, due to Michelle being blind. Michelle was born in the Rubella era. Michelle was one of the many babies who was born without eyes or ears, accompanied by many other malformations. Michelle had pioneering operations to restore some hearing and to create some form of ears. 


I wanted the photograph to take place in Michelle’s space, where she feels she belongs, in the hope to express her story and voice. The photography session took place in her bedroom with her record player. To set up her record player, Michelle first touches the bedside table for support and then raises her other arm to feel where the record player is. Then to ensure the record player is plugged in, Michelle always plugs it in the second socket of her socket adapter. Then to find the vinyl Michelle wants, Michelle feels the circle sticker on the vinyl and recognises it through the texture.

Leia Ankers, Photography BA