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Mansi Shouche

Creative Enquires of a Living World

‘“Material makes more than one language possible . I’m interested in an excess of material , an excess of interpretation.”

                                         Cildo Meireles , ‘Places for Disgressions.’

My practice is based in materials and materiality.  In the series presented here , by focusing on materials that differ in their materiality, I make enquiries and use these materials as an agency to explore concepts of sustainability, environmentalism , ecology and the circular ecology. “What does it mean to give agency to the material , to follow the material and to act with the material ?” This is what I try to explore using different methodologies applied to materials.

The video focuses on using the discarded found man-made object. Objects found on the roadside in my walks in the lockdown. By placing each object on a set stage I attempt to isolate it and ask questions . Questions about its origins, the very need for its creation , the role it played and the reason for its existence today . Especially in the obsolete detritus like state that it now exists , at the very tail end of its linear ‘take -make -dispose’ consumer cycle. 


Alongside and almost in juxtaposition , I present a series of small watercolours drawings using inks and mini collages constructed from bioplastic related materials . Both materials are products of discarded domestic waste and an attempt at a circular home ecology. In this on going series of works , as I lay the work down on the paper in their unadulterated pure state , there is no manipulation, no intent , no purpose. I just let them flow, the collages take the shape they take and let them be. Just be ! The inks and material collages are fugitive , they will fade with time and will eventually degrade. The undertaking of this methodology negates any desire to take this work into other realms . Sometimes there is no need ! 

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BA Fine Art 2nd Year

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