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Mara Ivan Mohor


These three animated posters address the recent devastating events that took place in Australia, namely the bushfires that caused a massive damage to the Australian land and ecosystem. Each of the three posters illustrate one animal that is indigenous to Australia: the koala, the kangaroo and the emu bird. All of them are depicted in an impactful metaphorical way, being presented in the form of human aliments or subjected to cooking procedures that have them exposed to heating or burning, as this represents the main issue I wanted to point out. On each poster, the typographic text has a functional role, aiming to expand upon the visual content by linking it to statistics that point to the ravaging consequences of the Australian bushfires, figures that have been documented (in January 2020) from online news media. The hashtag #justiceforaustralia is also present in each composition, having the role of integrating the posters in the recent social media campaign dedicated to this specific event.

Mara Ivan Mohor, Illustration BA, 2nd year

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