Mara Soares & Zofia Nowakowska

Eco Toxitity

The acute health effects caused by pesticides moved us to create this installation, which represents futuristic farming, that grows food under artificial lighting, a practice that agroindustries claim will be the only way to feed an overpopulated world.

Eco Toxicity is an installation that addresses the overpopulated world, practice resulted by the increasing of plagues and diseases. The use of glow in the dark is a visual representation of contamination (green colour) that according to the Indian Label System, green represents caution. We grew seeds in the plaster contaminated by the glow in the dark to represent that food can grow in any conditions and look fresh. This installation aims to open the social consciousness of this so present issue. Pesticides affect not only the environment but also human health, let us be aware of this issue and try to avoid or reduce pesticides consumption. 

Zofia Nowakowska, Fine Art BA, 3rd year

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