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Maria Luisa Cruz De Beires

Inclusive Education for Sustainable Development


The United Nations have a list of 17 Goals for Sustainable Development, that they aim to achieve by 2030. That list was my guiding light for this project. The goal that stroke me the most was the fourth "Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all".


In this set of 3 posters raising awareness for this issue, I showed different characters enjoying books, as a symbol of education as a whole. The characters are finding pleasure in literacy as a tool that highly develops their intellectual curiosity and knowledge. However, they are not doing so in a formal atmosphere, but rather an intimate and personal setting, as can happen in education. The characters are also different ages, genders and have an ambiguous racial background, to help display the inclusivity and diversity that the UN are promoting. 


I decided to use my voice, as a visual communicator to spread this important message and bring the subject closer to people. Even though this is a serious issue, I opted for a gentle approach, inviting empathy from the viewer and, as a consequence, action.

Maria Luisa Cruz De Beires, Illustration BA, 2nd year

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