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Marina Velez

Animal Compassion Prize

Based on the tenet of human responsibility towards animals and the environment, the Marina Velez Animal Compassion Prize focuses on works that investigate the following:


  • the protection of spaces and sharing of resources as a viable solution against species extinction

  • the value that humans place on nature and wildlife 

  • a good human relationship with other species

  • a good human stewardship of natural resources and applied ecological justice

  • the protection of ecosystems, other species and their habitat

  • the ending of animal suffering



I believe that there is a deep connection between harming the health and wellbeing of other species and environmental breakdown caused by human activities and beliefs. I am interested in promoting art works that advocate for a change in how humans see themselves as part of an extremely fragile nature and works that address the idea of developing new empathies and new understandings based on new values, in order to protect animals and the environment without exploiting them. 


I am an Argentinian-Spanish artist and researcher based in Cambridge, UK. 


My art practice is informed by issues related to sustainability and I am interested in people's behaviour and the social construction of values. In my practice, the idea of value and worth act as the emergent that highlights traceability of more complex issues, mainly related to climate and ecological justice, with specific focus on animals’ rights.

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