Marta Lupescu

Futures of Education

Futures of Education is a series of three animated posters which intend to promote UNESCO’s International Day of Education. The event takes place every year on the 24th of January and aims to raise awareness upon global issues that can be solved or alleviated through knowledge and education.


Gender equality, climate change and sustainable healthcare are subjects that should be familiar to all students around the globe; in many situations, social issues are created and perpetuated by the public’s lack of information on a particular subject.

My work is trying to place sustainable themes in the context of education and acknowledge that teaching these subjects is just as important as teaching academic disciplines. Each poster focuses on one of the aforementioned issues and prepares the viewer to engage it from an educational perspective. 

The moving posters are intended to be displayed on 16:9 digital screen panels, such as the ones seen around escalators in the London Underground or other public places. A poster’s mission is to be informative and engage with the widest possible audience. I consider that a moving poster is even more engaging than a static one, by blurring the lines between public advertisement and commercials.

Marta Lupescu, Illustration BA, 2nd year