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Mary Jane Montgomerie

Metamorphic Fashion Theatre: Multifunctional, Zero Waste Wrapper Cloths/Wearable 'Eco' Art


Sustainability & Well Being: Zero Waste Hybrid Wrappers & Conscientious Fashion

When you have acres of wheat field before you and one day for the Installation, where do you start? Before sunrise and with wellies!

What technology works in a field with no electricity? There was a contrast in technology used, from Drones to a Hand Powered Singer Sewing Machine, which was reminiscent of my old Singer Machine from Nigeria. I even managed to use a mixture of threads from Nigeria. The Drones were used to take aerial shots to show the scale of the work and the many mini Installations within an Installation. The aerial wrapper shots look like sweety wrappers. It was a delight to use my old wind up gramophone and play the Anniversary waltz on my Anniversary.

Brightly coloured chairs were sited to allow the viewer to sit, rest and absorb the tranquillity and reflect upon the ‘message’. Can you spot the red chair?

The PG TipsTea towel and others — brings out buying materials from charity shops (cancer research UK) and local textile waste to upcycle. The “hybrid green wrappers” convey newness

and well being, as they “magically” metamorphose into new zero waste fashion cloths as well as multifunctional textiles.

PhD Candidate Fashion Design

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