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Megan Dymock

Travel Sustainably

Switzerland is renowned for its encouragement of sustainable living. Inspired by their steps to move traffic off the roads and onto the railways, this series of posters seeks to promote a more environmentally friendly way of traveling. Switzerland is one of the most sustainable countries in the world; their promotion of renewable energy sources enables 60% of domestic electricity production to be powered by hydroelectricity. Their railway company, SBB, is a world leader in ecologically minded travel. They use predominantly hydro-electricity to run their trains,but also maintain natural habitats along the embankments of the lines and have installed devices to prevent deer and other wildlife being hit. 


This series of images have been made through the construction of a 3 dimensional set out of paper which has been lit and captured photographically. Train journeys emit 27 times less CO2 than a car journey of equal duration, and can transport many more people. Via the promotion of sustainable travel,  hopefully other countries will follow in Switzerland’s lead. 

Megan Dymock, Illustration BA, 3rd year

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