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Mick Paulusma

Tension and Release


Ebb and Flow

Through the act of drawing I hope to illuminate the effect depression has on 'productivity'.


Living with depression has become part of my practice. It impacts my work's content, process and outputs. Bursts of productivity are followed by periods of inactivity and withdrawal.  This projects aims to reframe the perception of this pendular movement as a positive and productive process.

I was delighted when mental health was included in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The World Health Organization (2011) believes "mental health plays a key role in efforts to achieve social inclusion and equity."

Productivity is a thorny issue but I believe lockdown has made it relevant again, not because of the corporate 'bottom line' but the impact feeling unproductive has on our mental health. Recognition of these ebbs and flows need to be part of inclusive work environments in future.

MA Fine Art

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