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A scale with traps

Milys Murillo

Nicole Rodríguez

Since the 90’s, when the chaos of fauna displacement exploded in Colombia thanks to the egoistic interest of a narco, the life for hippos brought from Africa was no longer the same. In this work, we show the sadness and worrying situation that has affected this species for more than three decades. Life is a balance where both sides of the scale should be equal. Although these species are getting the best from our ecosystem, and their retribution to our environment is very opposite, they are losing. On the other hand, there are people who are making fortunes by keeping the hippopotamus situation in oblivion. The lack of action and interest in solving this problem is a clear example of how ambitious institutions and people who profit from this crime are pushing this case to the limit. With this piece, we want to bring the hippos problem to light and raise awareness about how fauna displacement should not be ignored. The loss of biodiversity by human intrusion increases exponentially every year, so until we don't put a stop to the traffic of fauna and flora, our actions will destabilize ecosystems more and more. Nowadays, the planet faces uncertain times and global change is about to cross the line of no return, we need to start prioritizing issues that alter the environmental balance.

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