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Bet for Wilding!

Yulenys Isabel Llerena Del Toro Maria Magdalena Murillo Nanclares

Bet For Wilding! is the consequence of several days of thinking about the accurate analogy of Rewilding. Animals have been divested from their ecosystem by the equivalent hand which has destroyed it. To represent our idea of rewilding, we took inspiration based on the creations of Jim Warren. The attached pictures represent the art prize we are going to make. Bet For Wilding! are two photographs in which you can see different living beings; therefore, all these elements got their meanings. The purpose of showing ourselves is to represent the responsibility of human actions; these actions have repercussions on the wildlife environment. Our figure is huge if we compare it to the animals there; because we have got colossal importance in taking care of the environment and the habitat of animals.

In the photos, the creatures are in danger of extinction; however, our figures are going to put them in a safe place. We know all of those animals are not from the jungle, but we want to mean that they are free from danger and living their wildlife as they must.

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