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Death of a Leaf

Gabriel Martinez

Sebastián Silva

In the animation we see how a human is walking through the forest and finds a leaf on the ground, checks it out and then breaks the leaf to pieces and leaves. Later, as the human walks by the forest we can see how the forest starts to perish and deteriorate because of what they did to the leaf. At the end, the human dies.

The environment is represented by the leaf which is torn apart by a human. The idea of a human tearing apart the leaf and then just leaving without caring or thinking about what they did symbolizes how humanity is damaging nature and not even considering how bad their actions are for the environment and that nature is going to treat humankind the same way humans treat nature. After the human tears the leaf apart and leaves it on the ground, the forest endures many changes and deterioration, the human wasn’t able to put up with this so they died. This leaves a concerning image at the end, with the human lying dead on the ground while the forest is completely deteriorated. Our idea was to show what the future is going to look like if humanity keeps on tearing apart the environment and not taking any action or doing something to protect it.

We must take action or we are going to end up just like the human from the animation, we can’t pretend that everything is going to be fine when it clearly isn’t.

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