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Memoirs of a Deadly Tomorrow

Olga Castilla

Dailyn Rebolledo

This piece of art depicts the menacing environmental catastrophes that await(ed) humanity. A future that is certainly known but often forgotten, even though it is impregnated in our memory. A déjà vu incarnated by our paradoxical vision of the future that is in reality a mirror of the past.

Our work consists of the sculpture of a hand holding a black polaroid photo album, in which a future past accompanied by descriptive metaphors is unveiled. Firstly, the carved and deteriorated hand sculpture symbolizes the human decay caused by none other than human beings and the absence of sensitivity towards nature. Furthermore, the climbing plant binds the hand to what nature represents and how it is tied to our actions. Ultimately, the black album portrays the tainted future we hold in our hands. A daunting tomorrow that could crumble at any moment.

With this project, we want to raise awareness around this dormant but latent knowledge of what a deadly tomorrow might resemble. Through a mix of abstract and realistic ideas, we blatantly invite people to cease from conceiving nature and its future as external or distant agents. Additionally, we seek to embody the awakening of suppressed memories in order to generate positive actions that pursue the reconstruction of the Earth before it is too late.

Memoirs of a deadly tomorrow operates as an objectifying archive of memory, breaking the cycle of unconsciousness that condemns us to the perpetuation of a disastrous past, often considered innocuous by us all.

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