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Till The Next Full Moon

Fatima Gabriela Ortiz Villafuerte

Miriam Plata

Starting from the point of view of an individual, struggling to become their desire for change on a communal one. We explore human resilience through hard circumstances that have become our daily lives, such as COVID pandemic, global warming, animal cruelty and another issues that we have to go trough as human beings.

On Till the Next Full Moon we used an individualized point of view, this addresses the idea of personal healing and the lack of linear progression, which is natural to this process. To reach our purpose we used made up entries, created out of personal feelings and anecdotes. These entries and writings reflect the struggle between helplessness and the effort required to make a change, also we wanted to show how a change could start on a person's mind and make an impact in our society.

In this work, we wanted to keep the illusion of a private space through word usage and the doodles presented as a visual aid, while also maintaining the idea that it could be shared with other people and make an impact on our society.

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