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Self Flagellation

Gabriela Tangarife

Ana Torres Our body is an extension of nature and life. We are the ones who often try to diminish the marvelous gift of our existence. We sabotage our plans, we think negatively, we treat ourselves badly because we fail to meet certain expectations, but we always think that the root of our problem is somehow us. Self-harm is a delicate situation that everyone in a different way can face.

We look at the south of our country, Colombia, during a hardship moment and remember the latest wildfire in the Amazones. Through those flames that devastated the whole territory, killing wildlife, we saw the devastation in one's life. How people caused the fire, were harmed by it, and did nothing to cease it, they just ran away. This may sound familiar to some, how their actions or thoughts escalate each time until they just burst; they get hurt from all the damage; and finally, stand there watching all that they have made falling apart again. They are the wildfire, the fire, the forest and a witness watching doing nothing to stop it at all.

In this project, our intention is to help people visualize self-harm and the destruction of the environment, how different problems can be a reflection of each other. We want to impact people's lives and make them aware of these two topics.


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