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Samuel Richardson



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Applying the cyanotype formula to old paper in the snow, the wet formula reacted straight away. Its states were constantly changing, it was not set on the paper, and I did not know whether the sun or the ice would react with it first. It was the tension between these elements that created the representation. But it is through human intervention that this reaction was instigated. The cyanotypes continued to change throughout the night, freezing over, melting, and drying repeatedly.


The environment is represented through the materiality of the cyanotype treated paper without human attention to nurture and help fix it. The neglect of human interaction causes these unpredictable outcomes to take place which speak volumes about the relationship humans have with the environment and global warming. Companies such as China (coal), Aramco, Gazprom, National Iranian Oil co, ExxonMobil Corp and many more contribute massively to global industrial greenhouse gas emission, utilities, oil and gas producers, as well as industrial metals and mining all play a part.


Action must be taken, companies must be held responsible, and individuals should demand that they are through activism. Neglecting the earth is causing global warming. The meat and dairy industry also contribute massively to carbon emissions, so cutting this from your diet demands companies to stop producing them. There are many ways one can nurture the environment, co-existing like the cyanotype photographs in the environment, rather than exploiting.

BA Fine Art 3rd Year

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