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SAP 22 Winners

SAP22 is the first in-person event since SAP had to move online in 2020 owing to the pandemic. The students honoured this occasion by responding to current issues of sustainability, producing work of a very high standard. Being back in the Ruskin Gallery and seeing the works 'in the flesh', provided opportunities for the works to highlight the interconnectedness of the issues they address and viewers to experience this and 'join the dots'. 

First Prize

Beyondness by Sarah Strachan 

Second Prize

End Health Inequalities by Tilly Pettit

Third Prize 

Taste the Reality by Klara Gryglicka

Highly Commended

Conscientious Fashion by Mary Jane Montgomerie

Winner entries Universidad del Norte

The Last Coming

The Graveyard of Dreams

Bet for Wilding!

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