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Simona Racheva

Do not cross the line

During my time in university so far, I had many tense moments which changed the direction of my thoughts. I started thinking about developing a series of works related to people's fears and especially mine and how do we interpret the feeling we understand as a "fear". Further on, when the idea about this particular artwork came to my mind, I realised that it could address much more topics and problems such as the ones in our society, government or nature. This way the viewers have freedom to choose how to interpret, understand and react to the artwork themselves. 

The work could be associated with the theme "Sustainability" as it could be considered as one that is related to problems in nature, such as chopping trees down, fires, deeds leading to animals’ extinction or pollution. In other words, this work could be seen as a response to the unconscious and irresponsible actions which are harmful to the environment. "Do not cross the line!!!" is a warning, a sign that if you do it, there will be consequences that often cannot be redeemed.

Simona Racheva, Fine Art BA, 1st year

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