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Simona Racheva

Still Present


“Still Present” is an artwork that explores ideas of sustainability of the human mind and brings up a discussion about memory and childhood. It is a mixed media piece made of 7 glass jars that represent years, ashes that represent forgotten memories and pieces of paper with writings of memories that I still remember. Each jar with ashes contains burned paper with descriptions of childhood experiences that I have heard about from my parents but do not have the memories of.

Having them in the form of ashes shows that they are still present, even though I cannot remember. The work begins with the idea that memories exist in the subconscious and have a direct influence on the process of forming a personality as well as a strong affect on human behaviour. However, even though we do not have “access” to them, they are still present in our brains. During childhood, when we explore and form our vision of the world, our experiences have a great impact on the way we begin to perceive the world. In addition, some of these experiences turn into memories of moments that we love and treasure.

Using the jar as a container in which the ashes could be conserved, the work could also remind of a cremation urn, bringing up the concept of burial of the memories in the subconscious but also preserving them from disappearance.




BA Fine Art 3rd Year

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