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Stepanka Facerova


Light Drizzle

Light Drizzle, 2020 consists of two elements: a short film that is projected onto a surface created by eight square canvases. The individual blank canvases are of slightly different depths, and thus the surface appears distorted. 


The film features two kinds of footage. One was shot in Norway from a static window. This view, of raindrops forming on the windowpane, was filmed in the home of two little girls who were born there yet their parents are migrants of two different nationalities. The girls’ singing that accompanies the moving picture is a simple folk song about rain, something that looks the same wherever you are. 

The other footage was taken whilst travelling on an aeroplane, a view captured whilst moving - 'migrating'. 

With this work, I am exploring migration, something that has always been part of human history, often the reason for conflicts and cruelty. Migration is sometimes a choice but often a last resort. This phenomena not only happens to people but also to other species living on this planet. Migration is not long term solution to our unsustainable way of living that causes the disappearance of habitable space.

MA Fine Art

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