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Tabitha Wall


In Deep Water

This set of GIFs is based on the phrase 'In Deep Water.' I focused my research on water equality globally. I was particularly inspired by the teachings of Autumn Peltier, an indigenous Canadian youth activist, who speaks of water as a spirit and as an ancestor. I was further inspired by the river Whanganui in New Zealand which has been granted legal rights, meaning it must be treated as a living entity. 


This research really opened my eyes that in order to achieve a sustainable future, we must reconnect entirely to our natural world, starting with our relationship to the core elements which support life on earth.


The GIF series is a direct response to this research and aims to reflect the idea of water as a powerful spirit. Each GIF shows this spirit in a different way, reconnection, generational and soul. I created the work by scanning in loose painted textures and frame animation in Photoshop. 

BA Illustration  3rd Year

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