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Tilly Pettit

End Health Inequalities

Maternal Mortality.png

My sustainability posters highlight the health inequalities still faced by many in the UK. I was particularly interested in gender inequalities inspired by the recent government survey ‘Women’s Health – Let’s talk about it’ which questioned nearly 100,000 people on their experiences in the healthcare system as a woman.


My poster about menopause was inspired by a family member's personal experience of being failed by our healthcare system. Lack of research and sexist attitudes have left many women feeling unheard and ashamed during this time in their lives. Raising awareness and getting people talking is the best way to change things. I know many of my female friends and family have negative feelings toward healthcare appointments.


For me, just getting prescribed the contraceptive pill I felt judged and not believed - even by female nurses. I love that having hard facts validates those feelings – that something is wrong and must change. 

BA Illustration 2nd Year

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