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Vivienne Loraine

The Fragment

I have been inspired by the ceramic artefacts in museums, particularly The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge. I am attracted to the ancient fragments of pottery that have been reconstructed with the support of modern materials (for example resin or perspex). I have used these as a metaphor for feeling psychologically broken following emotional traumas and the necessity to repair myself. 

The process of building, breaking and repairing ceramic vessels is an important part of my work. Incorporating recyclable materials to emphasise the repair is also significant in my method because I am not the same person I was before I was broken. There are gaping holes to sew together, so I have to use currently available materials to rebuild myself. A fragment comes from a whole and informs us of a partial story that engages our imagination to complete the whole again. This is set in contrast, both materially and imaginatively, with the environmental issue of plastic pollution.


We are currently leaving a legacy of plastic problems across the planet. Our ancestors left us with less harmful fragments of their skills, craft and technology. Our descendants will find a layer of plastic detritus, which will show our technological development but also our bad consumerist habits.

Vivienne Loraine, Fine Art MA

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