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Two sides of the same coin

Mateo Rangel Heilbron

Loly Bermejo

For our Sustainability Art Project, we did a drawing to showcase two sides of the same coin: How a world that is taken care of lovingly turns out to be; and how one that is corrupted by capitalism and pollution ultimately is doomed to be lost of any sort of life. It consists of our planet Earth divided into two equal parts, top and bottom. At the top, we can see a green planet, filled with life and organisms, thanks to the people who took care of it, including indigenous people; on the bottom, we see the consequences of not taking care of our planet, which is now filled with pollution and death in every single place you can see.

What we thought to make it sustainable is promoting a government project in which indegenous people are leaders of workshops to inform the rest of the citizens how we should treat the environment, all the care we need to put in practice, and the benefits provided. It would bring development to the country and the repercussions could be seen in different aspects of Colombian’s lifes such as the economy for example, that can improve with eco-friendly methods for agriculture, eco-tourism, and other activities to help reduce the impact of man in nature. Colombia’s biodiversity would also have good consequences and would be protected. Indigenous communities are perfect for this project with their knowledge about nature and the different perspectives they can share with us

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