Sustainability Art Prize 2020 Winners

First Prize

Stepanka Facerova 

Shared Second Prize 

Emily Bowers   

Emily Tilbrook  

Third Prize

Julie Troy 


Highly Commended

Mara Soares & Zofia Nowakowska 

Oscar Stanley  

Sarah Strachan 


Stem + Glory Prize

Elen Jones 


Shared Marina Velez Animal Compassion Prize

Sachiko Purser 

Tabitha Wall 

Award Ceremony


The curator Marina Velez and three participant students, Sarah Strachan, Stepanka Facerova and Katy Drake, have recorded conversations and reflections about the works exhibited in SAP 2020 in the form of three podcasts, available below. 

SAP 2020Podcast I
00:00 / 25:47
SAP 2020Podcast II
00:00 / 21:42
podcast 3Podcast III
00:00 / 17:44